BlogReleaseThis new novel has gone straight to my hinterland.  In part, this is because the writer is Patrick Ness and his books are always worth reading but it is also because the story of a young gay man trying to come to terms with his family who would rather he was a person he was not.

The story takes place over the course of one day as Adam runs errands for his mother, meets his best friend (female) and boyfriend (male), helps his father set up the church for Sunday worship, completes a shift at his Saturday job and attends a get- together by the lake in the evening- an event scheduled to ‘say goodbye’ to a former boyfriend who still has a hold of his heart.

We follow Adam as his path crosses with his contemporaries who all love and respect him in a way his parents cannot.  This is at the heart of the book, since being gay is not an issue for Adam.  His minister father, his pastor- in- training brother and his mother remain hopeful that the undeniable truth will not have to be faced and, in one scene, the truth of the matter is voiced by his father who tells him how hard he has to work to love him.

There is a strand of fantasy that weaves through Adam’s story and its point is only made clear at the end of the book.

‘Release’ by Patrick Ness is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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