Films in the Hinterland

The late, great film critic Roger Ebert once said  “I have seen untold numbers of movies and forgotten most of them.”  I was thinking about this recently as, although I go to the cinema a lot (A LOT!) I rarely write about the films I have most recently seen.

Some films have an emotional punch and make me think about them for days afterwards. These are the films that I think will end up in my hinterland. The question is: when do they earn a place there?  Even films which seemed important at first, fade away with time.

The hinterland is a place for the films, books etc that mean a lot to me and only the films that still resonate after a year or two can enter.  In the spirit of Roger Ebert, the films that pass by like traffic are not to be noted.  Instead, this blog will concentrate on the things which last.



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