Danny Lives On

Benjamin Zephaniah inspires me. I cannot remember where I first heard this but there are lines that return to me from time to time, especially the lines “And a human being kick him/To prove he´s a man”.  It is a poem for our times and. although I am not the animal lover that Benjamin Zephaniah is, I am concerned at the amount of hate that exists in our country at the moment and at the rise of intolerance.

Danny Lives On

Danny the cat
Died last week
Killed by kicks
Of human feet,
I am sorry to say
He passed away,
A houseful of tears
I cried that day.
Danny´s not with me any more
Human beings beat him
I don´t know what for,
I know that some animals
Kill others to eat
But this gang just wanted to
Fight on the streets.

Danny my friend
Waz walking home
Not making trouble
And all on his own,
A few neighbours told me
That Danny then ran
And a human being kick him
To prove he´s a man,
But what kind of man
Could this wicked be
I think he´s a coward
He couldn´t fight me.
What kind of world do we live in today,
When our future adults
Treat life this way.

Dear reader,
Excuse me,
I am hurting inside,
I just don´t think that we
Are near civilized,
We know how to fly
And we sail on the sea
But we don´t understand
That life is a tree,
And Danny my friend
If this message gets through
You´ll know this poet
Is thinking of you,
These animal beaters
Are so filled with hate
Us animal lovers
Know Danny waz great.

Benjamin Zephaniah



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