Whicker’s World

Alan Whicker was a presence on television throughout my childhood and well into my young adulthood.  His career on British television stretched from the 50s to the 90s with some appearances on radio and television in this century, mostly reminiscences and nostalgic returns to locations of earlier films.

The series that stuck in my mind the most was the 1985 one that focused on British people who lived and worked in the USA. It had the sub-title ‘Living with Uncle Sam’ and each episode featured three or four people.  Whicker visited each and interviewed them.  It was in this series that I realised that Americans did not have Boxing Day, a situation that seemed worthy of some sympathy.


The subjects were not necessarily famous but Whicker was the master of finding the most engaging people to interview and film.  I envied him his life of travel and, at that time, I was envious also of the people who lived in America.  Opening shots of an Alan Whicker film usually showed him walking towards or away from an aeroplane to emphasise his globe trotting credentials.  His voice was distinctive as were his blazer and suave British appearance.

It has taken many years, but i have travelled to just some of the hundreds of locations first travelled by Alan Whicker. On arrival, I have his voice in my head!



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