Moments to Remember 2016

blogucicycleIn March I went to the World Track Cycling Championships at the Velodrome in London o the Olympic site. It was an amazing morning watching cyclists of many nations compete against each other.  Seeing Laura Trott in action was the highlight of the day but watching all the cyclists was amazing. I cheered for Britain most of all but joined in  the fun by supporting other nations as well; Japan was my second choice when I needed an alternative.


Watching sport live restored something knocked out of me at school when all sporting endeavour was accompanied by abuse (from teachers as well as peers).  It also made me realise that it is possible to be proud of being British without that meaning distrust, disdain or contempt for other nations.

It was great to be part present at something so positive, especially in this year when so much to do with nationhood has been negative.



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