Making Love

This is the third film that, in a pre- home cinema age, sent me back to the ABC Oxford in the same week to see it again.  I made it back three times in one week and might have made more visits except the film didn’t go into a second week.

blogmknglvTo be honest, it isn’t one of life’s masterpieces but it was the first time I saw a gay relationship on film and it affected me.  I had to return to check that I had actually seen two men kiss in a loving way.

The plot is a simplistic one: man is attracted to another man but is married (to a wonderful woman played by the wonderful Kate Jackson) and does not know what to do about these strange feelings.  As they grow, he becomes conflicted about his marriage.  Things are not helped by the fact that the object of his affections is a well adjusted medical doctor; not every gay person is a psychological wreck!

I have seen some amazing films over the years that illuminate the lives of gay men but in 1982  this was still rare.  The idea that it could be a Hollywood film was still new to me and my return visits to the cinema were about checking that these lives were projected onto the big screen as much as they were about anything.

‘Making Love’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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