The Captured

I was so taken with Scott Zesch’s history book about children captured by ‘Indians’ in the blogcapturedaudionineteenth century that I decided to buy the audio book and listen to it on car journeys.  As I had read it first, I was expecting to ‘know’ the contents.  It was a surprise, therefore, to hear new things. Perhaps it was the narration by Grover Gardner that emphasised points I had missed from the page or maybe it was the slower, somewhat more measured pace you get from listening to a book rather than reading it that helped.

The stories are obviously the same but the added dimension for me, as British, is the American accent of Grover Gardner.  This adds a sense of authenticity that might otherwise be lost.  He was also able to heighten the sense of drama through his reading so that the sections about the Smith brothers were much more emotional than had seemed at first reading.

‘The Captured’ by Scott Zesch as read by Grover Gardner is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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