One answer to Brexit

I was in Birmingham  this weekend with one aim in mind, to see and hear Jean Michel Jarre in concert.  However, on one day I managed to visit a gallery, attend a Festival of Literature talk and go to the concert.  In doing so I was aware that the Conservative Party had recently been in the city for their conference at which our Prime Minister talked of the referendum as if there had been a landslide for Brexit.  There was no recognition that the country is seriously divided over the issue of leaving the EU.  Neither was there recognition of the closeness of the result.  It is as if Britain has spoken with one voice and that voice was overwhelmingly to leave.

So I am pleased that it was in Birmingham that my day included: a visit to the excellent Ikon Gallery, where they were exhibiting works by a Lithuanian artist called Žilvinas Kempinas and a Scottish artist called Sara Barker; a talk at the Birmingham Literature Festival with Italian Diego Marani and German Frank Witzel; and a brilliant concert with Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre.

This seemed to me to be the perfect antidote to listening the Conservative Party response to Brexit.  The EU was always more than an economic entity, it was a way of bringing civilised values to the continent.  This weekend in Birmingham proved it.



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