A Real Birmingham Family

I was in Birmingham so went off in search of a relatively new public work of art, one that was unveiled just after my last visit to the city in 2014.

The statue is of an ‘ordinary family’. It shows two single mums who are sisters with their children. One of the mothers is pregnant.  They are holding hands and are ‘captured’ as if walking forwards.  The statue is in Centenary Square outside the amazing Library of Birmingham.  Artist Gillian Wearing wanted to represent a real family and the people immortalised here show just how different families can be in this modern age. The children are both boys and there is no sign of a father for either.  Neither do we know where they live and that, I suppose, adds to the symbolism of being one family representing all others.

‘A Real Birmingham Family’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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