Seven Days: Friday to Sunday

This is the second of a pair of films in the week long romance between two High School boys.  Actually it is a case of ‘is it or isn’t it?’ a romance since the central conceit is that one boy, Shino, asks out the younger but popular Seryo on a date.  School legend has it that Seryo only dates girls for a week, accepting any offer on a Monday but ending the arrangement on a Sunday.

What made the film (and its companion) interesting to me is the idea that two boys could fall in love without having had any previous indication that they were gay.  This, I suppose, is where the Q comes in to the acronym LGBTQ.  I had never been convinced by the idea of that Q.  In my experience, the sense of otherness that many gay people feel is there long before any outward expression of sexuality becomes an issue.  Yet, here we have two boys who date each other, partly out of fun and partly out of a sense of adventure.

As the week progresses, their feelings for each other grow stronger so that  by the time we reach Friday, the point where this film picks up the story, both boys expect the other to end things.


Love is where it falls, so I am not sceptical about the storyline.  Why wouldn’t feelings grow through getting to know somebody?  A limiting factor of both films, though, is the interior monologue being shared as voice overs.  This probably worked better in the original manga. However, this blog is a positive place;  no one wants negative things in their hinterland.  The film shows two young men whose feelings grow to the point where they want to start a proper relationship.  It is worth watching to see them grow closer together.

Takeshi Yokoi directed the film with Tomoki Hirose as Seryo and James Takeshi Yamada as Shino.  It is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?



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