Korean War Memorial

Now, I have walked along the Embankment many, many times and I have walked through the Embankment Gardens many, many times but it was only recently that I saw (or noticed) the memorial to soldiers who served in the Korean War.

I read an A Level textbook last year about the Korean War and wondered where in this country the soldiers had been honoured.  The enquiry was timely as it was only in late 2014 that the statue of a soldier was unveiled in the Whitehall Gardens on the Embankment between the Ministry of Defence and the River Thames.

The memorial is made up of a bronze soldier standing on a slate base before an obelisk of Portland stone.  Sculptor Philip Jackson, he of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Parliament Square as well as the Raoul Wallenberg memorial near Marble Arch in London, is the artist responsible.

As I was in London, I headed off to find it and was pleased to see that there was a patch of earth dedicated to the people who found themselves in a conflict so soon after the end of the Second World War.


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