I remember fondly this television series from the 70s.  It was an age when television for children involved quite complex ideas as well as good adventures.  In this series, Murray Dale plays Dominic the same character he played in ‘Boy Dominic’ but now he is older and a sea cadet at a naval academy, ready to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The earlier series was episodic in nature; there was a different story in each programme with a background on-going story of Dominic’s father’s quest to return home after a ship wreck.  In this series, there is one central story which sends Dominic away from the academy and in search of the killers of his parents.  His mother and father were attacked by robbers who believed they were in possession of a treasure.


I thought Murray Dale would go on to have a long career in acting but this was the end of the road for him in this particular sphere.  I believe he continued a career in film but in production rather than performing even though there was brief time when he was part of a musical group with his brother.


The cast of this series includes heavyweights such as Thorley Walters, John Hallam and Gordon Gostelow.  Richard Todd reprised his role as Dominic’s father for the first episode.

‘Dominic’ is in my hinterland. What’s in yours?


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