Chicago: Vietnam Memorial

The river walk in Chicago is a fantastic resource for the people who live and work here.  As a tourist I was so impressed by the views this relatively new addition to the city.  I was impressed, too, by the memorial to the people who served in the Vietnam War.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial lists the names of the young men killed or missing in action.

This is a war of which I know little, other than it had a big effect on the way the USA viewed itself in the world.  It is always sobering to stand in front of memorials to soldiers who lost their lives in war, whichever war.  Lists of names are so poignant when you remember the young ages of those who fought it is even more depressing.


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza has the names of the missing and dead on a long wall with a reflecting pool in front. There are also badges and emblems of the branches of the military that were involved in the war.

We seem to be better at making memorials than we are at making peace.


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