Cloud Gate

I think this sculpture by Anish Kapoor can lay claim to being the centre of Chicago since everyone ends up at ‘Cloud Gate’ eventually.  During my trip I visited several times and at different times of the day and night and there was always a big crowd. Locally, it has acquired the name ‘The Bean’ but I prefer the more poetic name the artist chose.

Anish Kapoor is British so I had a sense of national pride (just slight, but evident) to see his work here.  I believe it was his first outdoor sculpture when it was installed in 2004 (and then officially ‘opened’ or revealed in 2006).  His inspiration was liquid mercury.   The cityscape is reflected and distorted and changes as you move around and under the 168 plates of stainless steel that make up the sculpture.

‘Cloud Gate’ is located in Chicago’s Millennium Park.  I would love to have the sculpture to myself but its popularity and location would suggest that this is highly unlikely!

‘Cloud Gate’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?



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