L’Argent de Poche

This is the film that started a lifelong love of world cinema.  Back in the 70s access to film other than the standard British and Hollywood fare was hard.  BBC television, though, showed films from around the world, late on BBC2.  This is when I watched this film, late at night on my own and I was transfixed.


Before watching this film I would have told anyone who asked that I wasn’t interested in watching a film I had to read as well, so I must have fallen into this film by accident; but fall, I did and I haven’t stopped since, searching out films from across the globe.

‘L’Argent de Poche’ by Francois Truffaut is where it all began.  It dates from 1976 and tells the story of a group of children in a French town.  It is less about plot than about moments and the film reveals the escapades and anxieties of childhood.  There is a haircut prank that goes wrong, a child following a cat along a window ledge and first love. There is also the child whose home life is abusive.  Throughout it all, Truffaut builds a sense that children are reslient and the sense of hope is high.


The title translates as ‘Pocket Money’ but I like the fact that the BBC maintained the original title.  Why not!

‘L’Argent de Poche’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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