The Car Man

I am a huge fan of Matthew Bourne’s work.  I like the way he takes what we know and turns it on its head.  Obviously, he is most famous for the re-imagining of ‘Swan Lake’ but this story, using the music from the Bizet opera of ‘Carmen’ is also amazing.

I am also a fan of the dancer Dominic North having seen him dance first as a student. He starred in the production of ‘The Car Man’ I saw.


The story diverts from the opera completely and, instead, takes the setting of 1960s America.  When a new man walks into town, as they often do in stories set in America, we are set for a chemical reaction that is sexually charged.  As ever with Matthew Bourne the sense of diversity in sexual attraction is present, so men as well as women are affected by the stranger’s arrival.

The ballet was first performed in 2000 but it is only recently that I saw a version.  It was worth the wait.



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