Me, Myself and Mum

This is an amusing and thought provoking film from the French actor, writer and director Guillaume Gallienne.  It is the perfect film to watch when considering the issue of whether a person’s identity is imposed from outside or formed by the person from within.

BlogMeMyselfMumHere we have a young boy who, because he is quite effeminate, is treated like a girl by his mother.  Her often repeated phrase is ‘Boys and Guillaume, time for dinner’.  The distinction made by his parents between his brother, who act as boys should, and himself is not lost on him as he grows up.  Neither is he upset by this.  He accepts that being mistaken for a girl would make his mother very happy.  When he learns to dance, Spanish style, he takes the part of the girl much to the amusement of the crowds.

As he grows up, he accepts the part made for him as the gay son.  He even has his first crush on a boy at his boarding school in England.  When his first love does not work out he continues to hope for the man of his dreams.  Yet love is where it falls and when Guillaume finds love, it is with a woman.  Who would have thought?  Not Guillaume!

The film was developed from a stage play that was largely autobiographical.  It provides a unique insight into what it is to assemble a person’s identity.

The ‘real’ Guillaume Gallienne stars as himself and as his mother.  Given the relationship between mother and son is central to the story, it is a neat device to have him playing both parts.

‘Me, Myself and Mum’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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