Cass Sculpture Park

I loved this work most of all.  I should qualify this: on this visit, I loved this work most of all!  On another visit, I am sure other works will resonate more powerfully.  The Cass Foundation is dedicated to supporting new works through commissions, so there should be new pieces on each return visit.


The ‘tree’ greets you as you go to the gallery where the tickets are sold so I stopped on the way in and stopped on the way out.  It is called ‘Icarus Palm’ and is by Douglas White. It was made from tonnes of tyres, supplied by Fyfes who shipped them from overseas in the way that, in earlier times, exotic plants were sent back home from abroad by botanist explorers.

The dead nature of the tyres crafted into a replica of a live tree works for me and there is beauty in its form.

The Cass Sculpture Park at Goodwood in West Sussex is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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