The Cass Sculpture Foundation is a Treasure House

I was much struck by a sculpture by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in the grounds of the Cass Sculpture Park at Goodwood in West Sussex.  The piece was entitled ‘London- Paris (Wood)’ and spoke of the artist’s identity.  Paolozzi was a sculptor from Leith, Edinburgh in Scotland who was the son of Italian immigrants.  This heritage is reflected in this work which was the last piece he worked on before his death in 2005.

The sculpture is designed to fit on real railway lines and could be moved up and down the railway network, should someone choose. On it are parts of a human figure, outsize and disjointed, but arranged so that the form of a person is clear.  Across it and around are other items that could be carried by rail.

As a boy, Paolozzi would travel from Edinburgh to Milan, changing trains in London and Paris, hence the title.  His was the experience of many, many others who had family links in another country.


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