Tate Britain is a Treasure House

Back in London so off to Tate Britain for an exhibition of Victorian sculpture.  While there, though, I had to visit some favourites.  Three cheers to Tate Britain for displaying ‘Love Locked Out’ once again.  I thought it was rather higher on the wall than was necessary, or comfortable to view, but at least it was back on view.

The painting, by Anna Lea Merrit, has a poignant history.  I wrote about this in this blog on 22.12.13  It remains a powerful painting, not just because of the context or ‘back story’ but because of the emotion expressed through the child’s body, made even more powerful by the fact that we cannot see his face.  Everything that is expressed is shown through the posture.

blogLovelockedoutInterestingly, this room also has two other favourites.  ‘The Beloved’ by Dante Gabriel Rosetti (written about on 21.12.13) is here and the Millais painting ‘Christ in the House of his Parents’ from 1849 is also here.

All three paintings are here in the ‘BP Walk Through British Art’ display in the 1840 room.


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