The Poseidon Adventure

This film from 1972 is another from my childhood that I got to see only because I nagged my parents to take me.  There was a lot of coverage on British television so it was an eagerly awaited movie.  It is another example of a film with an ensemble cast made up of major American actors but, once again, this meant nothing to me.  I was only interested in the action.


The SS Poseidon was on a final journey to Athens when it was overturned by a Tsunami, not that I knew or used that term back then.  The film sets of an upside down ship were fascinating in themselves.  A radical preacher leads a group of passengers to safety.  The conventional wisdom is to stay put and await rescue but the preacher believes they are in greater danger if they do not head upwards to the ‘bottom’ of the ship.  Some passengers are convinced by his arguments and agree to go with him, most stay behind.

The film shows the journey of the passengers as they head for safety.  On the way, several of them die and there are inevitable fights as the group morale breaks down. Through it all, the preacher, played by Gene Hackman, acts as the inspirational leader.  It was a brilliant night at the pictures!


‘The Poseidon Adventure’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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