Free Fall

This German film from 20130 stars the excellent Max Riemelt as Kai, a police officer who is gay and confident in his sexuality.  He meets Marc, a married man whose partner is expecting a baby.  Marc is intrigued by Kai, feels an attraction to him but is scared by the feelings this man is awakening in him.  When the two find themselves serving on the same team, the scene is set for a growing relationship.


Hanno Koffler plays Marc, the young police officer whose life is turned upside down when he acts on his feelings for Kai.  Although, at first, the two carry on an affair in private, leading a double life proves harder for Marc, especially when the rest of the police team discover that Kai is gay.  The title becomes obvious as the film continues and the life Marc had created for himself starts to unravel.  For Kai, being confident in his sexuality does not help when he is not prepared to be a hidden lover.

We see the fear of a small community to the idea that a gay person might be among them; their reaction to difference is not unusual in communities of many countries.  We also see how families react when the accepted norm is overturned.


Director Stephen Lacant has created a film with no easy answers. Whichever way Marc jumps, someone will be hurt and, watching this, I didn’t want anyone to be rejected.

‘Free Fall’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?



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