Bucharest Monument

My Romanian guide suggested I might like to see a monument with a potato on it.  I was intrigued but also more impressed by the monument than my guide was when I saw it.

It is the ‘Memorial of Rebirth’ in Revolution Square in Bucharest.  It commemorates those who struggled against or were victims of communism.  It has been here since 2005 in the renamed square; previously, it was called Palace Square.  Designed by Alexandru Ghildus, it is a 25 metres high pillar of marble with a metal ‘crown’ which looks as if it has been pierced by the pillar.


I was told that, just like the statue of Trajan, this monument attracted criticism.  I seem to like their public art more than the locals do!

Nicolae Ceausescu was publicly overthrown here in December 1989, so it seems particularly apt that there is a memorial to the victims of the revolution in this area.


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