Trajan and the She Wolf

In Bucharest recently so I went to find the statue of the Emperor Trajan and the She-wolf.  I knew very little about the sculpture that would be on offer here but, when I did an internet search, I came across stories of the controversy surrounding this statue.  It was erected in November 2011, covered in silver foil, and only unveiled in April 2012 by the city’s mayor.

I read that many Bucharest citizens objected to it on artistic grounds or because the emperor was naked.  One derisory comment was along the lines of ‘why is the emperor naked while the wolf wears a scarf?’.  This was enough to make me want to track it down, so I headed off and found it on the steps of the National Museum of Romanian History.


I liked it.  There is a certain charm in nearly life size statues.  Its position on the steps also appears understated. There is no pedestal for this emperor.  He also holds the wolf as an offering.  This may be ironic since the Romans invaded and conquered the region now covered by Romania.

The artist is Vasile Gorduz.  The statue is made out of bronze and stands 2.5m high from the ground.  The version in London has clothes but this version works for me.



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