Hurray for Chimerica!

Hurray for ‘Chimerica’, triumphant at the Olivier Awards, but what about ‘The Scottsboro Boys’ which came away with nothing?  I was delighted to see that Lucy Kirkwood’s play was awarded the prize for Best New Play and that Lyndsey Turner won for her direction.  I could also see why Es Devlin won for the amazing set design.  I was even pleased that the production won Best Sound and Best Lighting Design.

Trevor Cooper- Chimerica

Trevor Cooper- Chimerica

Benedict Wong- Chimerica

Benedict Wong- Chimerica

So, why no awards for Benedict Wong who should have at least received a nomination for his role of Zhang Lin? And what about Trevor Cooper who was fantastic as Frank, the world weary newspaper man who tries to hold on to concepts of quality and professionalism while his publishers seek sales and cost cutting?  Both, should have received awards.

The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boys

And then, what about ‘The Scottsboro Boys’? It was nominated in seven categories but was not awarded anything.  What a shame!

‘Chimerica’ and ‘The Scottsboro Boys’ are in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?

The Oliviers are (mostly) about West End theatre so maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise.


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