Camels in London

One day this could be a quiz question so pay attention!  Where can you find statues or sculptures of camels in London?  We know about the one in the Africa collection at the Albert Memorial, but where else?

The day before the walk through Kensington Gardens, I was on the Embankment so I took a detour through the Victoria Embankment Gardens where there are several statues and sculptures to see.  This one always amuses me but only because I first saw it in pictures.  When I went off in search of the real thing, I was expecting  to see something on a large scale, maybe real camel size or even larger.


The truth is that this is quite a small statue.  I wandered around the gardens, mostly looking up, only to find a somewhat small statue right in front of me.  Now, whenever I see it, I remember that first sighting and it makes me smile.


The statue was unveiled in 1921 and commemorates the Imperial Camel Corps.  It has a serious intent. It is here to remember soldiers who fought and died in First World War campaigns in the Middle East.  The inscription says that the corps saw action in Sinai, Egypt and Palestine in 1916, 1917 and 1918.  It also states that the soldiers were Australian, Indian and New Zealanders as well as British.  The fact that it reads ‘fell in action or died of wounds and disease’ shows what hardships there were in that part of the world.

Public art such as this is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?



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