Golden Boy


I loved the novel, ‘Golden Boy’ by Abigail Parttelin, even if I thought the book cover could have better represented the subject matter and storyline.  The cover of the version I bought is shown below.  Often, book covers for paperbacks are better than the hardback version.  Is this because the publishers have more time to think about things?  Is it that the author, having seen sales merit a paperback version, are more able to insist on a cover they like?

I was struck by the difference in covers when I read Sandi Toksvig’s ‘Valentine Grey’.  You might think the book was from two completely different genres if the covers were the only guide.

Anyway, I saw the paperback edition of ‘Golden Boy’ (shown above) and thought how it captured the essence of the novel and served the story well.

‘Golden Boy’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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