Boys in Dungarees

You don’t see many boys in dungarees any more.  Toddlers wear them for sure but there was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when they were the height of fashion for boys in Britain.  ‘The Waltons’ was a big hit on BBC television at the time and, for a brief moment, many boys walked around looking as if they were just off the Waltons’ set.

I had a pair myself.  I bought them in Oxford and wore them once back at college.  Too many of my friends laughed for me to wear them again and they were relegated to the back of the wardrobe and then on to the charity shop.  By the time they reached the shop, though, fashions had changed and dungarees returned to toddler and girl wear only.






5 thoughts on “Boys in Dungarees

  1. There was another overall resurgence in the mid-late 1990’s – I remember the Gap selling corduroy overalls for teens and young men, along with plaid flannel shirts that had corduroy collars and wrist cuffs (that matched the overalls). Cute as all heck.

  2. Dungarees or bib and brace or overalls were popular with boys in the 50s. Remember coming home from school and Mum saying “get out of your school clothes and put your overalls on”

  3. Well, GO AUSTRALIA is what I say!

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