I Wish

Here is another film by director by Hirokazu Koreeda that is worth seeing.  It is the story of two brothers who find themselves separated when their parents’ marriage fails and the mother moves back with her parents.  Koichi and Ryu are played by real life brothers Koki and Ohshirô Maeda.  Koichi dreams of reuniting the family and seeing his brother again.  The two boys communicate through phone calls in which they keep each other updated on their daily routines.  This is not enough for Koichi who, when he learns that the bullet train will travel near to his new hometown, decides to put to the test the theory he has heard: that when two bullet trains pass each other they create an energy which will make people’s dreams come true.


Each brother involves a small group of friends, all with dreams of their own, and, together, they plan to skip school and travel to the point where the lines cross.  The brothers meet, with their friends in tow, and await the bullet train arrival.  In two small scenes we see Koichi and Ryu ponder the split between their parents and implications for their future.

The beauty of this film is found in the matter of fact way the children trust that their dreams can come true.  They have their own rationale for their actions and the adult world has yet to destroy the trust they have in the power of dreams.  If that last sentence sounds like a trailer for a Hollywood film, beware!  This film is too rich and nuanced to be a product of the Hollywood system.


‘I Wish’ is in my hinterland.  What’s in yours?


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