Soho Square Sculptures

Strolling through London, on my way to the Curzon cinema, I came across sculptures in Soho Square.  They are the work of Bruce Denny, a contemporary figurative sculptor.  At one end of the square is a work entitled ‘The Conversion of St. Paul’.  This is a large work of St. Paul on a horse rearing on its back legs.  It is impressive.

Of more interest to me, though, were the smaller works on the grass.  One group of four figures is from his series, ‘Intrigue’.  Having looked on his site, the figures are individual and can be arranged however you like.  As all works of art are for sale, whoever buys them can arrange them however and wherever they like.  Here, they are lounging about on the grass. This is what Londoners do in this square in the summer.  When I visited, the grass was disappearing and the sun was hidden.

The second work was called ‘Ascension’ from his series ‘Humanity’.


This is what Bruce Denny says about this work: “As children, we look forward to growing up as quickly as we can. Each birthday takes us a step closer to independence and makes us bigger and more powerful than our younger contemporaries. As we grow older, we benefit from experience, knowledge and understanding, but there comes a turning point however when the continuing mental and emotional improvements are counterbalanced by the inevitable deterioration of the physical form, and we look back with envy on our youth and innocence.”

I did not know about Bruce Denny before coming across these sculptures but they sent me off to find out more and I discovered his website.

Public art such as ‘Intrigue’ and ‘Ascension’ is in my hinterland. What’s in yours?


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